Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ok, it's getting late and I can't sleep, so thought I'd watch something on tv but couldn't find my remote. So I pulled out the iPad and after reading a friends blog I thought why not give it a try. After all I do enjoy writing and who knows I may happen to amuse some unbeknownst reader (you poor unfortunate soul whoever you may be). Honestly the thoughts that buzz around my head bore me exceedingly, but now that they're open for public view let's just delve into the mysterious caverns of my mind and find out what beautiful or frightening things are yet to behold! I do love a good adventure, and am completely restless until I have one ever so often. I usually get my adventure fixes by reading a good book, as I am usually too much of a coward to step outside of the comforts of home. However a new desire has emerged in the form of exercise, bike riding to be exact. But this time rather than taking a leisure cruise through our lovely well groomed trails in Tonganoxie, I am eager to embark into new territory. I bought myself a bike rack and had my husband attach it to the tracker, so I can ride my little bike anywhere I damn well please. Pardon me for using fowl language just then, for those who know me know I usually refrain from such speech, but it just seemed fitting, and kinda fun! I doubt that I would ever be balsey enough to say it out loud. So anywhoo tomorrow morning after I send my sweet little offspring off to school, I am going to try my biking skills at the Gary L Mallen trail in Shawnee. As I said I am a coward and
the thought of going down a bike trail all alone in unfamiliar grounds freaks me out just a
tad, but not enough to stop me as of yet.